Testing an AWS Elastic Load Balancer

So recently I was faced with a problem with needing to test an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) that was serving multiple domains and I needed to test this before the domains was transfered over. This is normally ok as you can simply edit your hosts file and add something similar to

Passing custom parameters from Nginx to PHP

So nearly 1 year after I put this site back online I’m finally writing a new post. Yeah I kinda suck at keeping a personal site up to date. Even worse when I told myself to stick it on Github and use Jekyll, “Stick on there and into GIT, I said. It’ll be easier and I’ll be more likely to update it I said”. Well I was wrong!

First Post Back

So this is my first post back on my personal site. Using this site as a testing playground and also a writing platform to try and learn more and increase my skills.